Balanced Moon Soap  OUT OF STOCK

Inspired by the Yin Yang Symbol and the earth's moon phases, the light scent of this soap wistfully traverses the olfactory system as the woody and floral notes evoke a sense of balance and calm.    


Herbal Exfoliating Soap!  VEGAN  

The perfect shaving soap or use for makeup removal! Great foam for shaving or enjoy the herbal exfoliants over the entire body. Contains purifying bentonite clay, skin loving chamomile and colloidal oats.  The most perfect mild yet gritty soap.   

Goat Milk and Oat Soap

An old-fashioned, time-honored favorite...age defying creamy goat milk with skin calming colloidal oats. No fragrances added.   Unembellished sweet bubbly luxury at its absolute finest.

Calendula Buttermilk Soap

Calendula Officianalis--the ultimate soother.  A beautifully herbal, slightly sweet, skin loving buttermilk soap made with organic Calendula flowers and 75% Olive Oil. A very gentle cleansing experience. A hit for sensitive skin and great for baby!  No fragrances added.  PALM FREE

Handcrafted All Natural Soaps

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Ambiance Sea Salt Spa Bar

Feeling pampered is sometimes a necessity!  Invigorate your body with a creamy bubbly masterpiece that brings a mineral rich spa experience to your shower with sweet, cheerful notes all derived from therapeutic grade essential oils .

Carrot Butter Soap     OUT OF STOCK

We've managed to capture the goodness of simple carrots and infuse it into a soap with buttermilk, avocado and calming oatmeal. This bar is ever so gentle, yet fully loaded with symphonic natural elements that support a healthy complexion.  

Honey Dandelion Soap  PALM FREE

Simple and pure with abundant lather.  It is 100% Natural and sweet smelling--No Fragrances.  Enjoy the skin loving exotic luxury of Tamanu oil as the bubbles arise. Truly a unique and amazing honey soap.

Out of Stock.

Lemongrass Trio Butter Soap

A wonderfully refreshing and cleansing bar made with Tea Tree and Lemongrass as well as three of the best-known skin butters in the world....Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Mango Butter!!   

Ginger Lime Soap  

A superbly restorative soap-- creamy goat milk, healing chlorella, purifying ginger and cleansing lime. A light, fresh unisex scent. Consider the benefits of these sumptuous yet natural ingredients!


Herbal Inhale Sea Salt Bar NEW!!!

Take a deep clear breath!  This soap captures the crispness of clean winter air! We have blended therapeutic grade essential oils to provide a holistic, fresh, cleansing experience!  Please, inhale DEEPLY and enjoy the detoxifying sea salt!  .

NEW!!!  We now offer gift baskets as well as three new soaps, including a  soap with Neem oil that smells wonderful, a rice water Star Anise soap and a soap with tumeric and clay!    Additional  selections are always present at our farmer's market or craft fair booths.  



Visit us at Roslindale's Indoor Farmers Market this Winter!


Charcoal Zinc Soap  PALM FREE

Not just another pretty soap!  This black and white bar presents a naturally detoxifying approach to skin challenges. Often preferred by many who have sensitive or problematic skin!  . 

Lavender Castile  PALM FREE/VEGAN

This creamy, super lathering moisture rich soap is simply fantastic because it is a true Castile Soap (Made using only 100% Olive Oil.) We cure this remarkable soap for months, hence supplies are limited.  (Sold exclusively at Roslindale Farmer's Market)

Monet Soap   PALM FREE     NEW!

This beautiful soap was inspired by Claude Monet with weddings in mind. It was developed using ONLY 100% natural, spa-like skin loving colorants. At this time, this rimmed design soap is available by advance special order only .   VEGAN  

Nor'Easter Body Balm  VEGAN  NEW

Dry winter air is here! Be sure to experience our hydrating protective body balm at our booth!!!  Far superior than a "body butter", it is uniquely rich with the very best ingredients from around the globe.  A little dab goes a LOOOOONG way.    .


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Handmade ArTisan 


​Boston Strong 

     We often forget that our skin is our largest organ--it is porous and absorbs anything it comes into contact with.  That is why when using our handmade cold process soaps; we want you to know exactly what you are putting on your skin! Our products contain either a few simple all-natural ingredients, or many all-natural ingredients making them a great option for the elderly, persons suffering from illness or people with sensitive skin.  

​     Our handcrafted artisan soaps contain naturally occurring glycerin, and are enhanced using teas, herbal oil infusions, therapeutic grade essential oils, natural clay, natural oxides, spices and organic plant parts.  We DO NOT use synthetic fragrances--they can contain hormone (endocrine) disruptors which can potentially lead to medical problems. Just one synthetic fragrance can contain hundreds, even thousands, of chemicals.  

Looking for the perfect


Our superbly wrapped soaps are quite popular as well as friendly to the environment.  A sophisticated yet simple way to present our luxurious and natural soaps!  A wonderful gift for almost any occasion--now available in gift basket boxes:

*    Get well wishes

​*    New Baby

*    Wedding/Bridal Gifts

​*    Birthday

*    Mother's and Father's Day

*    Any gift giving occasion or holiday